In January 2015, the Martins got the call they had been waiting for. Their baby boy, Andrew, was on the way. Chad and Kristen had waited a long time for this moment, from the adoption paperwork to the wait time and home visits. Kansas City was home to the birth parents and the Martins lived in Connecticut, so they hopped on a plane to come hold their son in their arms. Nevertheless, they picked up their baby, flew home and settled into their “new normal.”The Martin family posing in front of the heart wall

Thirteen months later, Kristen got the call she had no idea she was waiting for. Andrew’s birth parents had another baby. Mom delivered 6 weeks early, and they wanted to know if Chad and Kristen were interested in adopting Andrew’s full brother. The Martins couldn’t say yes fast enough, and the next thing they knew, Chad, Kristen and Andrew were on the way to pick up their new family member.

Since the baby was 6 weeks early and had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, he was going to remain in the NICU at Truman Medical Center. The Martins had a long process ahead of them – adopting a baby is no small feat – and they had no idea where they were going to stay while they were in Kansas City. Not to mention, with no forewarning they were completely unprepared for another baby at home. They were overwhelmed, and when they were in the NICU at Truman Medical Center they learned the Ronald McDonald House had a room for their family.

“With the chaos that we were walking into, it put everything at ease that we were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House,” said Chad. “We had a comfortable and safe place to stay with toys and playrooms for Andrew. It was a saving grace to have a place that reminds us of home.”

The Martin family had hours of paperwork, a court appearance and a lot of calls to make. But, they knew they were one of the lucky ones staying at the House.

“We are here for a different reason than most, but the House staff was so sensitive to everyone’s individual experience. It is very endearing,” said Kristen. “We absolutely could not have done it without the support of the organization and staff.”

Chad and Kristen were able to take brothers Andrew and Eric home in mid-March, but they couldn’t wait to tell their family and friends about their experience at RMHC-KC … after they showed off their newest addition!

”We look forward to sharing our adoption story and our experience at the House with our children. The House will have a very special place in our hearts forever,“ said Kristen.